The next country on our path was Croatia – a stunningly beautiful country I might say. As we had no real goal, we decided to head in the direction of Zagreb and then on to Pula as I used to be there in my childhood and remembered Pula as a nice City.

Said, done.

The main change we noticed after leaving Hungary were better roadconditions and drivers who make use of it. The streets we drove in Hungary were in a rather bad shape and the speed limits there are not really necessary because the cars are limited by how much the bumpers can take. Most of the time it was impossible for us to reach the limit, because we need our car for some more time.

In Croatia even the small streets are mostly in good condition and the drivers know how to make use of them. In next to any village in Austria the speed limit is 50 km/h. In Croatia it is basically the same, but in almost any village directly after the sign with the name of the village, there is an extra speed limit sign for 70 km/h. One would think that is rather fast, or at least fast enough. Wrong. If we went trough a village with 70, we were overtaken by cars going 90-100. Not one or two, 95% of them.

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