At the moment we are in Innsbruck, staying at Ninas place. Andrea got to know Nina at her work at MED-EL, and we soon became friends when she visited  us in our former flat in the Anichstreet in Innsbruck. Nina has a beautiful flat, sadly she must leave it and is currently searching for a new one, as her landlord needs the flat for himself. So while I’m doing some work at the Voyager, Andrea and Nina are driving around having a glimpse at several flats and getting disappointed by the nightmare-holes some Innsbruck reality brokers want to sell you as a future home.

Nina has one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen – a 4 month old Imustaskheragain-Terrier, called Loki. Its such a friendly little guy – most of the smaller dogs I know are aggressive little bite and bark-machines. He is the opposite – always curious about what happens next, playing and walking around in his proud-of-himself walking style. He is an 100%-happy dog and i really like him – once we are back and should it happen that  Nina needs a place for Loki to stay if she goes on vacation or something else, he is a very welcome little guest. Nina is a very welcome guest as well  ;)) .

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