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Croatia, a spooky night, sinking and tuning the beast

The next country on our path was Croatia – a stunningly beautiful country I might say. As we had no real goal, we decided to head in the direction of Zagreb and then on to Pula as I used to be there in my childhood and remembered Pula as a nice City.

Said, done.

The main change we noticed after leaving Hungary were better roadconditions and drivers who make use of it. The streets we drove in Hungary were in a rather bad shape and the speed limits there are not really necessary because the cars are limited by how much the bumpers can take. Most of the time it was impossible for us to reach the limit, because we need our car for some more time.

In Croatia even the small streets are mostly in good condition and the drivers know how to make use of them. In next to any village in Austria the speed limit is 50 km/h. In Croatia it is basically the same, but in almost any village directly after the sign with the name of the village, there is an extra speed limit sign for 70 km/h. One would think that is rather fast, or at least fast enough. Wrong. If we went trough a village with 70, we were overtaken by cars going 90-100. Not one or two, 95% of them.

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Welcome to Hungary and wild camping for beginners


So we drove to Vienna to meet our Visa guy, Sebastian Wöll from, as well as getting our abroad-health insurance checked. We decided to take statravel as they have a pretty competitive insurance just right for our needs. We did arrive in Vienna in the evening and decided to drive on to Castle Devin near Bratislava (approx 50 kms away), as there was a marker in our wild camping map we have on Autoroute.

We then found out that the “wild” camping spot is a rather lively parking space in front of a restaurant, so not exactly what we have in mind thinking about wild camping. It then got clear to us where our mistake was. The guys who create those maps are mostly campers with  integrated camper vans, so cars where you can be inside the car and have enough space for basic living. Our car is a kind of a moving bed with storage, so 95% of our time when we are not driving or sleeping we are outside the car.

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Keeping in touch

Here we are now discussing who is going to write the blog – beforehand we decided that both of us should write the things that happened in turns – but as always in life either both of us or none have the mind to write a blog post and with only one laptop it’s not possible for both to write at the same time. So we decided that I will be more responsible for the social media bits and Klaus more for the long blog posts on the website. But as you can see with this blog post – I do my share in longer posts.
So from now on you will read more posts from Klaus, but check out my facebook page ( or my instagram account ( ) to see my posts.

As promised I will start to write my posts in English and German – but please forgive us for not writing the blog posts in both languages – it’s a bit of work to translate everything back to German – just in case you want the pages translated use google translate (, as you can translate whole texts there. I will check with Klaus if it is possible to install a permanent translation link on the website to make it easier for you. If using google translate you might have to read the outcome twice as the translations can be quite creative 🙂

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Zillertal, Salzburg, a toddler and our rooftent :)

After we spent the weekend at my mother-in-laws-house in the beautiful Zillertal-Valley, we drove on to Laufen in South Bavaria.Our way led us through a stunningly beautiful landscape and we really enjoyed ourselves. In Laufen we met Franz from Gordigear whom we first got to know at the Camping-Fair in Munich back in February. He is a super nice guy and a real outdoor man who knows what you need when you spend more than a weekend far from civilization. As Gordigear was already on our list of possible suppliers for a rooftent, Franz with his unique style convinced us from the first minute that we have come to the right place.

So we ordered a Gordigear plus tent, which has the longer entrance area. The tent was already ready at the beginning of March but as our car construction did take more time, we fetched it just yesterday. With other companies this might have been a problem, but not with the nice guys from Gordigear.  We mailed them 2 times that it takes longer than expected, and they were OK with it.

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Loki + Nina cool, Tree + Voyager not


At the moment we are in Innsbruck, staying at Ninas place. Andrea got to know Nina at her work at MED-EL, and we soon became friends when she visited  us in our former flat in the Anichstreet in Innsbruck. Nina has a beautiful flat, sadly she must leave it and is currently searching for a new one, as her landlord needs the flat for himself. So while I’m doing some work at the Voyager, Andrea and Nina are driving around having a glimpse at several flats and getting disappointed by the nightmare-holes some Innsbruck reality brokers want to sell you as a future home.

Nina has one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen – a 4 month old Imustaskheragain-Terrier, called Loki. Its such a friendly little guy – most of the smaller dogs I know are aggressive little bite and bark-machines. He is the opposite – always curious about what happens next, playing and walking around in his proud-of-himself walking style. He is an 100%-happy dog and i really like him – once we are back and should it happen that  Nina needs a place for Loki to stay if she goes on vacation or something else, he is a very welcome little guest. Nina is a very welcome guest as well  ;)) .

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