that’s just the feeling I get when thinking about my daily tasks at the moment. Not only am I sorting out the things we brought with us to Carinthia to decide what we finally should take with us – or a least this is what I think I do. But deep down I know I’m just sorting out the things that fit into the van – and the more often I see the van, the more I get the feeling that we will be travelling with only one pair of jeans and a t-shirt each, accompanied by 1 pot, 2 plates and 2 mugs.
On the other hand I’m still trying to fulfill all the legal requirements to get the needed visa. By now we have received the invitation for our trip through China, but I’m not sure if this invitation has all the needed information in it – my Chinese might need some training.
According to this I tried to fill in the visa forms for 3 different countries today and I thought I had all the needed information – but uups there are still questions that need to be answered. As we can’t do without the visa, all the information needs to be correct on the first try.

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