Whilst Klaus is doing a great job building and refurbishing the car, I’m more occupied with teh necessity of getting invitations and visa for the different countries.

One of the biggest difficulties is the crossing of China. To cross China on your own is nearly impossible. We tried to get in contact with 2 agencies offering this service, but either the have too many clients or they don’t exist anymore. Therefore we opted for a more traditional approach and joined some other people who would love to cross China in about the same time frame as we want. We then contacted an agent (Mrs. Spring) who helps us with all the things in China. We will now enter China (crossing over from Mongolia) on Sep. 14th leaving it about a month afterward towards Laos. We will be 4 cars including a guide.

A lot of information about the car, as well as the drives are needed (pictures of the car, technical details like the chassis number, scans of the passports and drivers licences, ect.) to get the Chinese driver licences and a Chinese number plate along with an invitation from the agency. The invitation on the other hand is needed to get the Chinese visa.

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