Thursday my brother and me enjoyed an afternoon together. I drove with him to Silversee next to Villach, where I used to spend some time in my child hood with the family. He was still a baby at the time, so he had no memories of the spot and i showed him around. I then did a little offroading, by not taking the exit of the parking spot as planned by its builders – i drove over a small sandy hill leading to the street and had some fun pushing the car.

Then we drove on to the spot in the wood we found with Andrea and had a nice time offroading. As I am a cool guy (sarcasm!) I had to drive to the spot where Andrea had her turn around experience two days before. There was the rock again, I maneuvered around it, but with a little bit of too much power on the accelerator I slipped sideways and found myself in the situation of the rock in front of the driver -side front wheel, exactly in between the spot where the front bumper begins. So pulling out backwards and risking the bumper or driving over it, risking the underfloor. I backed out and that was it for the mounting-points of the left side of the front bumper. Luckily, its just some plastic.

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