Because of space problems we searched for a solution to add some more room. Above our front window and the new roof rack we have a space of approximatly 25 cm. So I thought about how to use this space, to add some stowing room, especially for camping equipment.

Finally Andrea and me came up with the idea of using a big waste pipe with 20cm diameter and some end sleeves, because this perfectly fits the space and it is rather sturdy. As the pipe is heavy and will be even heavier when filled I had to find a solution for mounting it. As I could not find an out of the box solution I cam up with the idea of using three metal angles, one beeing 40 by 20 cm and the other two 20 by 20.

With them I construct a rectangular shape with the longest rod beeing mounted to the front metal rods of the roof rock and one short one to the bottom of the main rod.

Pictures will follow as soon as I’m finished.