The day before yesterday we took a day off car building and organizing things like visa and had a trip through beautiful Carinthia. I showed Andrea some spots I enjoyed while I was a teenager, like an old street leading from Villach to Spittal where I used to drive a lot with my bike. I wanted to show her a  congestion power plant as well but our navigation system brought us to the wrong place, in Oberschütt.

On the way back we saw a path into the woods, and no ban sign around. It was too much of a temption, so off we went from the main road. First there was a stretch of several hundred meters of gravel road next to the highway, and then there where several paths’ into the wood. I chose one and enjoyed that I could finally test the mighty Voyager on a more suitable terrain for its AT wheels and the underfloor protection.

We drove around for half an hour and enjoyed ourselves. The Voyager handles like a charm on those roads, and as far as I can say, it was far from its limits. Although its automatic it was easy to finetune the amount of power needed in any situation. Only the ground clearence is a limiter from time to time, although it has more ground clearance because of the bigger wheels, the protection plate hit the floor two or three times.

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