DateWednesday April 8th, 2015

The Journey

On the map below you can see where we are and where we have been to. We are tracking our position mostly in 30 minute intervals with our DeLorme inReach SE, so the latest marker is rather accurate. Join us for a beer or a coffee if you are around 🙂 .
If there are more markers in one place it means we have stopped and the inReach changes to 4 hour intervals. If you are a serial killer searching for us, please don’t kill us or at least bring beer.

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Countries traveled so far
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Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Kazachstan, Mongolia, China, Laos, Thailand

Click the map to see our live position:

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Below you find the stories around our Journey itself. We left Innsbruck on second of April at 1 am in the morning.

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Meanwhile we arrived in Carinthia.

We were packing up things till 1 am at second of April and then did the 400km drive, me in the shitty rental bus and Andrea in the mighty Voyager with our gerbils. The drive was not a pleasant one as I did not fit in the car all to well (the wall between drivers seat and back of the car was “economically” positioned), it was snowing, we where very tired and I am very happy that nothing serious did go wrong. I had a little bit of a seizure, when on the autobahn, driving behind a snow plow, my T5diesel bus at full rev in second gear, suddenly was off.  While still rolling I kicked in first gear and restarted the fucker, and from then on simply drove the thing like hell, so every gear to the limit and then, between gears kicking the accelerator shortly (zwischengas), kicking the next gear in.

The car had no power at all and when overtaking the snow plow, I needed to stay in third at full rev as it couldn’t handle fourth gear, so I had a lot of wheelspin in the fresh, soggy snow. In the Voyager this is no problem at all, with its power, the all wheel drive and the offroad tires, it drives through similar conditions, like a hot knife through butter.  There was a second moment where  I nearly had a seizure, when Andrea drove in front of my through the last tunnel to Villach, when the Voyager suddenly made a heavy movement from left to right and then went straight on again. I thought Andrea had a moments sleep (don’t know a better english word). She later told me that she did open a bottle of Red Bull, that very moment. But this was not a nice moment and we are not going to drive tired ever again. No matter how important an appointment might be (and we had one, which was rather important)

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