here we are, discussing the pros and cons of camping seats and tables or are looking at great gadgets like boxes to transport eggs safely. Not to mention the attraction foldable bowls can have.
Somehow it is still unreal that we will swap our nice, structured and safe life with at least a year full of every adventure imaginable.

There are still so many questions like “How do I take a shower? Can I sleep properly? And will the stove be sufficient?2 Not to mention things “Will we be able to get all visas? Will the car survive? Do we have sufficient funds? Will there be a happy end? and etc…….

We don’t have an answer to every question, but on the other hand we never had before. We can just take it one step after the other and rely on learning by doing most times. “And if it doesn’t work out?” the small voice inside my head keeps asking. “Then,” I answer myself “then we will change the route not the destination.”