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[iconbox type=”icon-box-left” icon=”fa-thumbs-o-up” title=”Welcome”].. to the private pages of Klaus and Andrea.

Ever since 2002 we are a pair and we think we are some kind of prototype for a relationship which was based on the internet in its very beginnings[/iconbox]


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Klaus finally dared to ask the question of all questions

and Andrea said yes (ThankGod ) and on the 2nd of August 2014 we married in Salzburg.



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we live our dream and travel around the world in our old (trusty and rusty) Chrysler Voyager.

In here (link) we write about our progress whenever we have access to a WLAN.




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[header type=”left” paddingbottom=”30″] Seen our car and typed in the Domain?


[text paddingbottom=”30″]Thanks for visiting us 🙂 .  What you have just seen is a Chrysler Voyager with approximatly  3700 stickers decorating its shabby grey/rusty outside. Starting with April 2015 we take some time off  and travel to Sout East Asia in the old petrol guzzling bastard. If you want to know some more about it [/text]

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