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After our action filled arrival we were looking out for a more laid back, relaxed way of travelling. That’s one of the main reasons why we bought Elton – on the one hand the Voyager had some faults, especially in the cooling system, on the other hand we just wanted to have a more comfortable life on the road, so that our mind was free again to let all the impressions into our minds we gather while travelling. But therefor, at least for us, a bare minimum of comfort and private atmosphere is essential.

After our first night in the Apex in Koh Kong, we fetched the Voyager  from its parking spot and drove some more kms outside the town to a given up construction site to put the finishing touches on Elton. The solar panels from the Voyager needed to be installed and luckily a friend of ours from Pattaya wanted to have the roof tent as he had some plans with it and some other things needed to be finished.

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