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We’ve been to Cambodia twice up until now. While we didn’t see much during the first visit, as we just stayed in the Koh Kong Area as Andrea was ill at first and afterwards we worked a lot, this visit was quite nice and brought us to Sianoukhville, Kep, Kampot, Cheung Ek, Phnom Pen, and Angkor. Our visit wasn’t purely for joy this time, we had a task ahead of us. In the meanwhile we live in Elton, our new car and as we haven’t been lucky with selling the Voyager we wanted to give him away for free in Cambodia to a mechanic for spareparts. And this should proof to be a challenge which I’m going to tell you about in this story.
Our journey started in Pattaya where we had spend the last week with being ill, first me, then Andrea, finally painting the bathroom (with fever) in Elton which I constructed earlier when staying on Koh Chang, adding the Voyagers leisure batteries to Eltons electrical system (we now have a whooping 460 AHs of capacity) and moving everything from one car to the other.
Finally we set off in direction of the Hadlek Border in the Koh Kong area, me driving Elton and Andrea (in the meanwhile with fever) driving the Voyager. Sadly we couldn’t wait any longer, as our Visa were running out that day and Thailand doesn’t take it too kindly when you overstay. They throw you into jail first and ask questions later. We started, as always, too late. So it was already 3 pm and we had to be at the border latest 10pm and there were around 360km ahead of us. But 360km in 7 hours should be easy, so we drove to a mall along the way to buy some special glue for the solar panels I wanted to mount on Eltons roof.
I soon started to enjoy driving Elton. He is not overly powerfull, but quite ok taking into account the size and the mass of close to 4 tons. The turbo kicks in at around 2000 rpm, from there on he is quite a beast. Good car, like him.
The first few hours are not worth mentioning – we drove quite fast. Thats it.
Until one point. In the early evening Andrea had stopped over to fill up, I noticed that she wasn’t in the mirror any more, so i stopped over to wait. She turned up we had a quick chit chat. Then she wanted to start the Voyager. Nothing. After some attempts I quickly got out the jump start cables (like so often before), opened Eltons back doors and jumped started the Voyager from Eltons leisure batteries. I noticed that battery of the Voyager was bloated a bit- so the battery was done, but as the car was to be put down in Cambodia anyway I didn’t give it too much attention. I threw the leads into the back of the Voyager (a small but essential move as the evening should proof 🙂 ) and off we went. But wait. There was one small incident. Andrea in her fever, put in “Drive” too early and hit the back of Elton. No harm done, the Voyagers licence plate fell off, at Elton nothing had happened as she had hit the spare wheels on the ramp. How unkindly the Voyager took this small bump, we learned a few hours later.

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