Welllll… then I learned about something called sulfation. Sure, I read the term already here and there but especially at the beginning, when buying batteries for a camper and all that, there are so many terms and things, it’s a confusing topic. I just went for AGM because I read a lot that they are somewhat good.

Back in Chiang Mai I did not know about that and so what happened was that the car was standing in the garage for the better part of 5 months. Half loaded … Yes.. I know.. now. The batteries seem to have sulfated nicely and already before that incident they were not in their best state any more (as I know now ). I really treated them bad for the better part of two years. So I always cared that they don’t get discharged over a certain point, but not really cared about getting them fully loaded as I didn’t know about the importance of that.

Now I read the data sheet of my AGMs and found out that they already have done more cycles than they should be able to do.. . I treated them bad and they did approx 1/3 more cycles than they are calculated to do.