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At the moment I have a serious matter on the table. I was wondering why the batteries seem such a lousy capacity lately and at first suspected that the solar system doesn’t load sufficiently due to too much heat on the rood of the car, which influences the output of such panels. Although that problem does exist and I have to find a way too cool the panels down when the car is not moving, a way more serious issue are our batteries as I learned that the panels produce a lot more power then the batteries can actually hold at the moment. The batteries tend to be full after only two hours of loading and then all further power is mainly wasted.

We have 460 amps of capacity in the back, the sun of Thailand on the solar panels, and the power was barely enough to power the water cooker and the notebooks for some hours every day and even then I sometimes needed to start the car to keep the power up. The calculations I did simply didn’t add up – we used a lot less power then we actually received, till I read into the topic.

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