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One might think that crossing a boarder from an EU country to a non EU country is hassling enough, but no – the border crossing in Estonia takes this to another level. Please check out this website https://www.estonianborder.eu/yphis/index.action before you want to cross the border in Narva (Estonia) – Ivangorod (Russia). Âs far as I know this information applies also in basic to other border crossings from Estonia to Russia.

You have to reserve a spot for your crossing (online or if you are lucky in person on the day of your crossing – but be prepared for some waiting).
First of all , or second if you have reserved your queuing spot online, you have to make sure to go to the truck terminal at Tuleviku Street. Don’t go to the border itself without this queuing reservation, they will send you back. Bring your car papers with you as you will need them to make the reservation.
We had to find out the hard way. You need to pay EUR 1,50 to reserve a spot in a queue to then stand in that queue till your number plate shows on a screen (therefore car papers are needed), than you pay another 3 Euros to get your reservation.

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