Neue Heimat am Horizont ..

Ausgezogen sind wir ja damals mit allerlei Vorstellungen im Kopf. Irgendwie Freiheit erleben, sehen wie sich die Welt graduell vom Autofenster aus veraendert und nicht so schlagartig wie vom Flugzeug aus. Rein in Deutschland, raus in der Karibik. Bams, andere Welt.

Tja und da sind wir nun viereinhalb Jahre spaeter. Was ist noch uebrig von den Idealen? Ich hab keine Ahnung – zum einen haben wir uns gar nicht veraendert – ich fuehl mich immer noch wie ich selbst an. Zum Anderen dann sehr, weils halt eine graduelle Veraenderung war.

Die staerkste Veraenderung ist wohl die, dass wir den ganzen Planeten als unsere Heimat sehen. Wir wohnen ja nun schon eine Weile in Thailand. Da es aber nie so ganz „unser“Land geworden ist, sondern eben immer doch ein bisschen das Land belieben ist wo wir damals gestranded sind, inzwischen recht nobel aber dennoch-  und zusaetzlich auch die Visa-Luft immer duenner wird haben wir uns gefragt was uns eigentlich so an Thailand bindet.

Die Antwort war nunja, nichts. Ein paar Bestimmungen die es verhindern das wir unsere Haustiere ins naechste Flugzeug setzen – aber sonst. Nein, nichts. Es ist schoen Thailand + SEA gesehen und erlebt zu haben, wir haben viel gelernt. Aber irgendwie ist die Luft auch raus. Es gibt auch ein paar Ecken und Kanten die uns stoeren aber die wirds wohl immer und ueberall geben. Es waere illusorisch anzunehmen, dass man sich wo anders nieder laesst und es ist das Land wo Milch und Honig fliessen.

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Home is not a hotel

Ein Lied das gut zu unserem Lebensstil passt


Travelling life, some things we learned

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After travelling for a while the most noticeable change to ourselves is, that we live our life way more in the present then in the past or the future. And we learned to enjoy the moment and not worry too much what comes around the next corner, as it will come anyway.
On the road things can change quickly – the one moment its a smooth ride garnished with cool drinks on a sunny afternoon through a beautiful valley somewhere in SEA. The next moment the cooler or some other part decides to have had enough for the moment and you find yourselves trying to find a fix which brings you at least to the next town, while stopping every five km to refill the cooler and going with hazardous speed over a narrow mountain road to get somewhere before the water isn finally finished. Been there, done that.
Thinggs like that have happened so often to us, so we learned to enjoy what we have for the time being and not to worry about what may come and what has been or could have been done differently. It is ike it is. And this is a good lesson, I think.
And there is this whole rule and officials thing. At home, at least in Austria and Germany, there is a rule or a regulation for next to everything and there is mostly not much leeway in it, so you learn to adopt to the rules.
Starting with Russia, the world works differently. You know there is a rule, but you need of something somewhat more or something different, or the blue stamp on the green paper, knowing that the blue stamp can only go on the yellow paper. Things like that.
You learn that rules or regulations are just rough guidelines in most other parts of the world and that your real situation mostly depends on how much the official likes you or the way you explain things. In Thailand, for example, we needed a Visa extension. And the rule is that you only get an extension for the same amount of time as you got with your original visa.
As we had a visa on arrival and we are Austrians, this was only fourteen days but we didn’t ant to pay 1900 Baht per person for just 14 days more – we wanted 30 days. So we drove to a smaller immigration office near the cambodian border, wwhich is the first important thing. Go somewhere where it is less official and more liklely that rules can be beeded a little. And instead of asking for an extension we just went to the (very friendly) guy there and said with full confidence that we need a 30 day visa extension. Like its normal and we expect to get it. And guess what? It worked – 30 day extension checked. And the next time we do the same thing and if we don’t get a 30 day extension after the 14 day arrival visa we will point at the old extension and show that we got it last time, so why shouldn’T we this time? And guess what? It will work again – would surprise me a lot, if not.
There is a ton of examples for these everyday helpers and its the way the world works (outside Europe). And we like it 🙂 – small tricks that make the world go around.

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Simple energy saving tricks in an electricity powered camper

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(I write this on my mobile, so there might be a fair amount of errors)

Foreword: To a person living a normal western live our live must sound archaic and I think it would have been strange for us as well, if we had been confronted with all changes at once. But we adopted slowly along the road and our western live style is now 6 month and many kms away.
So what I want to say is that our live, which follows some energy saving measurements, doesn’t feel strange for us although its completely different to our former live with unlimited amounts of drinkable water from the tap and as much power as we needed. We had some half-hearted energy saving things in our flat. But out here we only have so much energy available each day, so we need to save for the sake of our needs.

With a small completely electrical camper like ours and just 200 Watt solar power, energy saving is a must.

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Kazakhstan–even more adventure

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As we started to run short of money we decided to start  an Indiegogo campaign . Back in Poland we had found out that our main sponsor had cut back on his promise, so we were lacking a nice 4500 EUR, which now started to bite us in the ass. So we tried to do some filming all day and set up a campaign. In the end we weren’t happy with the result so we decided to put the campaign idea on hold for the moment.

Apart from enjoying the sun we did not do much more that day and enjoyed another great evening in the beautiful steppe. The next day in the afternoon the very first car came by we had seen in two days and two guys, an older one and a younger one, jumped out. The first other humans in two days. As European from the ever crowded Austria its hardly believable that such spots do exit were one can be that lonely. We communicated a bit with the two guys and they explained that they are two fishermen. In the steppe. Sure.

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