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(I write this on my mobile, so there might be a fair amount of errors)

Foreword: To a person living a normal western live our live must sound archaic and I think it would have been strange for us as well, if we had been confronted with all changes at once. But we adopted slowly along the road and our western live style is several month and many kms away.
So what I want to say is that our live, which follows some energy saving measurements, doesn’t feel strange for us although its completely different to our former live with unlimited amounts of drinkable water from the tap and as much power as we needed.

We had some half-hearted energy saving things in our flat. But out here we only have so much energy available each day, so we need to save for the sake of our needs.

With a small completely electrical camper like ours and just 200 Watt solar power, energy saving is a must.

As you might know from earlier posts we wanted to be independent from other sources like diesel or gas, so that our basic energy needs are sorted, no matter what might happen.

Additionally to the solar system we have a loader which loads the batteries while driving but as we slowed down our pace to like 200-400km a week this just gives the batteries a push once in a while. And letting the car run idle costs quite some petrol and wears the car, which again costs money and effort.

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