Although there are at least 20 mobile stores in the Central Cat, not one had one of those 3G USB sticks. But what I found was even better. A 3G router, which was advertised to be able to connect up to 10 devices with WiFi. Now that would be plain awesome, as it would save the hassle  for using one of the notebooks as router for the other devices.

The seller showed me the package, I saw the product name and remembered it wrong. I went with Andrea for a quick coffee  to discuss with her buying this thing and secondly because I wanted to google if those devices have external antenna connection as well. The one I googled, the ZTE MF60 as one. The one I bought for 1690 Baht 10 minutes later, the ZTE MF65M doesn’t.  In the header pic the MF60 is the black one and the white one is the MF65M.

Sucks. So I bought a device which actually doesn’t solve our problem. But anyway – at least I had learned that there are 3G routers, with external antenna connection. I was so happy.

Lateron I found the right one on Lazada, the ZTE MF60 and the price was reasonable with 1490 Baht. The ZTE MF60 is an older model but has the external antenna port we need so badly. Lazada is Asias kind of Amazon and is waaayyy better adapted to Asian needs. So ordered it there and happy me, today it was delivered. As Lazada had worked out so smooth, I ordered a directional broadband antenna as well for a reasonable 590 Baht.

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