So the batterie and panels are available, the price reasonable, and the measurement of the panels next to perfect. So most likely we gonna buy them.

After checking those out we went to the Central Cat shopping mal and spend the afternoon there. I wanted to tick of another point from my “things that need optimizing” list. I wanted to buy a good old 3G Internet stick. Because beforehand I had found out that many 3G sticks have a hidden antenna port to connect an external antenna. And that would be awesome, because if there is one thing we really miss with our work as digital nomads, then it is staying at those hidden spots where noone else is. Many times we had to drive by awesome spots because there was no useable connection but we needed to do some work.

An external directional antenna with solid gain might solve this issue, but most (all?) modern smartphones, which are great as hotspots, don’t have an antenna port any more. And although the older Huawei phones as well as the newer Zenphones (although the Huawei are better there)  are really good in terms of finding a signal, they have their limits.

So it amazed me that many 3G internet sticks still seem to have those connection – and with a solid external antenna on Eltons roof + using the awesome programm “Virtual Router” on the Notebook where the stick is connected, it would give us a lot more freedom.

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